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Welcome to WNSO USA.

WNSO Stands for Worldwide Nepalese Students Organisation. The objective of WNSO USA is to provide as much as possible and correct information to Nepalese Students who want to study in USA. We also aim to provide information for those Nepalese students who are already in the US, and are seeking for further help such as changing college, course, job etc once they are in the US.

 WNSO is run by Nepalese Students for Nepalese Students. WNSO is network of Nepalese Students across the world. Our main source of information is Nepalese Students who are already in the US and has wide range of experienced.  We know how difficult to get right information from Nepal, and even after coming to US. We donít want others to suffer the way we did, that is why we want to share our experience. We have talked a lot about civilisation, politeness and being helpful, we also have talked about how our politician could have developed our country. Now we have to say, this is time to do something from our own side, to help our brothers and sisters back home, and here in the US. Lets join hand to hand to make world of WNSO for better tomorrow.

Contact us

If you wish to communicate with us please use our FORUM or e-mail us at usa@wnso.org. To add news, events, pictures, literature or interesting links, please email to usa@wnso.org



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